Here you will find great products by the best brands, for all of your kitesurfing, foiling, winging, stand-up-paddle boarding and wetsuit needs. Great kitesurfing equipment, foiling, wing and wetsuit brands such as Ozone KitesAirush KitesCabrinha KitesShinn KiteboardingAK Durable Supply Co and ION. Superb iSUP paddleboard packages from JP Australia and Fanatic. We also stock clothing and accessories such as Dead Paradise apparel.

Beginner or expert, you can buy the very best watersports equipment at TWC. Shop online now, in-store or give us a call and we can make your Watersports world a little bit bigger! We are committed to providing great products to you, wherever you are in the world. The Watersports Centre online store. Our passionate water-sports family promote enjoyment and safety on the water, by providing the latest and best watersports equipment, for all conditions and abilities.

Here at The Watersports Centre we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites and kitesurf equipment from a variety of top brands including OzoneAirush and Cabrinha. We’ve got kites from all of the listed brands to suit anyone’s ability, from beginner to expert, and anything from freeride to big air, and even freestyle.


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