Ozone Enduro V3 – An All Time Favourite


The Ozone Enduro V3

The Enduro has been part of the Ozone line up for a while now, it’s a three strut do it all machine that is the go-to kite in their line up for riders who don’t let a particular style of riding define them. The Ozone Enduro V3 is designed to be able to perform at the highest levels for wave, freestyle and freeriding from twin tips, surfboards to hydrofoils.

Ozone never releases a new kite until they feel they have improved on the older version which is a solid philosophy that has seen Ozone kites hold their value on the second hand/used market. Ozone are one of the few brands with their own bespoke factory which runs off solar power so the Ozone brand is arguably one of the most ecologically conscious out there.

The Ozone Enduro V3

Known for creating lightweight no-fuss kites the brand is always striving to make a kite fly better rather than cover it in unnecessary bumpers and reinforcements. However, for the Enduro V3 it is worth noting the use of some new materials being used. Triple Ripstop Dacron from Teijin replaces the older heavier Dacron used in the past and this is combined with a new triple ripstop canopy material. The Ozone Enduro V3 is the lightest it has ever been yet it will still stand up to seasons of abuse from the harshest of riders.

The Ozone Enduro V3

The Enduro V3 features a new bridle with adjustment points in the middle of the leading edge. As you pump the kite up, you are reminded by the graphics and diagrams that you can choose the freestyle, wave or free ride settings. In addition to this are three settings on the wing tips to further tune for bar pressure and turning speed. The build quality is of the usual exceptional high standard that is expected from the Ozone factory in Vietnam and it’s always refreshing to see their no-nonsense construction.

With a kite like the Enduro V3 it is important to try and ride it across a broad spectrum of conditions and where you can on a range of boards.  After all, that is exactly what you will be doing with it when you buy it!

The Ozone Enduro V3

“The Enduro V3 is an absolute blast to ride!”

The Watersports Centre Team

In the freeride setting with a twin tip the kite delivers great hang time to give incredible jumps. The take-off is very vertical and feels like an elevator taking you straight up. It’s easy to dial in your timing and it is very intuitive to fly. At the apex of the jump, the hang time is good, and the kite is easy to redirect for landing.

It’s definitely not as floaty as a kite such as the Ozone Edge, but if you want big air with a rocket ship take off then it is hard to find fault. Kite loops can be quite progressive but equally you can slow them down for a fuller more powerful loop. The speed of the kite through the wind window means you can drive the kite hard.

The Ozone Enduro V3
The Ozone Enduro V3

The kite handles gusts well too. The depower/trim on the Ozone Contact V4 bar enable great changes in the kites angle of attack. 

Ozone have a kite for every discipline [including the Catalyst V3] but if you don’t fit a particular mould, then the Enduro V3 is the kite for you. If you want to boost big air with your mates one day, shred some waves the next and then pop some unhooked moves after that then this kite has you covered. There are a lot of brands selling their “three struts do it all machines” but what Ozone have created with the Enduro V3 is arguably the lightest kite in its class with some of the best flying characteristics too. It’s a pleasure to fly the Enduro V3 no matter what board you are on!

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Ozone Enduro V3 Kite

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The Enduro is an all time favourite around the globe, it’s recognized as one of the best go-to kites on the market. It’s incredibly versatile for any style and any conditions, with the Enduro V3 you will be ripping!

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