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The Shinn Resurector Wing

If you’re an above average sized person (average being 75Kgs), then you’ll be interested in knowing that Mark Shinn, the man who led the design of the Shinn Resurector wing, is 95 Kg’s and was also a double kiteboarding world champion. Not only is he a powerful man himself and in his riding style, but he needs a decent bit of grunt to get him up and going as he rides a board of only 65 litres.

While the Shinn Resurector wing certainly delivers when it comes to providing a solid forward pull, the wing is also superbly well balanced and remains very manageable.

The Watersports Centre test rider, 4 times British Pro Freestyle champion, George Dufty rode the 4m and 6m Shinn Resurector wings across a number of wind conditions. Firstly in 15-18 knots and then in 25+ knots and later in 30-35 knots (on the 4m of course!)

George weighs around 90 Kg’s and is 6’1”.

The large radius leading edge and deep aspect shape of the canopy have a lot to do with the Shinn Resurector’s ability to create good power, but they also add quite a brutish element at the natural top end of the wings wind range which is of course different for different riders.

All wings have their ideal wind ranges and part of our review process was to work those wind ranges out. Tests were all run on an AK Phazer 6’0” board of 90 litres with a 2000sqcm wing set up on a 90cm mast.

On the 6m George had a great time on the Shinn Resurector wing in wind speeds of around 15-18 knots.

The next session was again on the 6m Shinn Resurector and George had a blast of a session in wind speeds of around 20-25 knots. Having used the 2000sqcm wing set up on a 90cm mast initially George also changed the set up to the 1600sqcm wing still on a 90cm mast. Both sessions were great.

The next session was on the 4m Shinn Resurector wing in wind speeds of around 30-35 knots and this time George went with the 1600sqcm wing again on a 90cm mast.

TWC Testing The Shinn Resurector Wing

Our Findings

George reports absolutely superb stability and balance from both the 4m and 6m Shinn Resurector wings.

The stability of the Shinn Resurector wing is a huge factor in how good the Shinn Resurector is. There are two inflation valves and Shinn advise clipping the strut clip off that links the main leading edge bladder with the strut bladder to be able to inflate the strut first.

Getting the strut nice and solid first and then inflating the leading edge ensured that the wing is impressively stiff. There’s no need to worry about pumping the Shinn Resurector wing up hard, the thicker leading edge needs it, but the strong and robust build quality is evident wherever you inspect the wing and Shinn make products that are going to last more than just a couple of seasons.

What George felt was that the Shinn Resurector wing it got him up and going very efficiently with very little wing pumping in anything over 15 knots, it feels beautifully light and balanced when you’re making any movements with the wing.

Despite the large diameter leading edge the Resurector wing gives an excellent mix of qualities across power and handling. Where the Shinn Resurector wing balance is especially evident is when you’re depowering the wing and holding the neutral handle for a wave ride, when pumping your foil downwind and when throwing the wing overhead into wind for a tack. The Shinn Resurector wing is remarkably nimble and balanced.

With the higher wind sessions, there were elements of rolling waves pushing through which enabled George to wave ride and pump back across the waves and the Shinn Resurector wing was well behaved, neutral in feel and happy to just float while you ride and pump.

What sizes to chose?

The way to think about at the range on a wing like this is that, while the Resurector wing may have a limit on its top end ease of use and performance where it suddenly becomes more fatiguing, the huge advantage is that you can enjoy all the benefits of riding a smaller wing in lighter winds than you otherwise might be able to. The joy of riding a smaller Shinn Resurector wing in waves, with the superb drift and obviously strong build quality is going to give you a lot of confidence to improve.

Shinn have packed the Resurector wing power into a low aspect shape, meaning that from tip-to-tip the wing isn’t as wide as some other wings out there and instead has a long middle strut. The tips are also very swept back and George was easily able with the Shinn Resurector wing to rescue a tip touch down by driving the wing tip up and out of the water again while riding.

Of course having a shorter tip-to-tip length always means that your tips are less likely to touch the water anyway!

The windows of the Shinn Resurector wing offer a good view and remain nice and clear and the swept tip shape helps avoid so many tip catches in the water while riding. To balance the shorter tip-to-tip length, the Shinn Resurector wing has a long central strut, which can sometimes mean there’s a bit more of a lifting effort required to flip the wing over for a board start at certain angles to the wind. Riders who are particularly short or have shorter arm lengths may find this a little more of a challenge, though probably not with the smaller size Shinn Resurector wings.

Just like with kitesurfing, with needing more than one kite to be able to get out in a wider range of wind conditions, you are unlikely to be able to get away with just one wing. George formed the view that for him at around 90Kgs, that a 4m and a 6m covered all the bases for the conditions he’d expect to be going out in.


The EVA lined handle material has a generous girth and smoothness that’s comfortable for long sessions. The longer loop of the new handles also allows for your hand position to be slightly further forward in the handle when the wind picks up which is useful.


Build wise, as you’d expect with Shinn equipment, only the best materials have been used. The canopy is made of light, durable & low stretch Challenge DK50 Double Ripstop. The leading edge and centre strut is KPE 175 Dacron & the window is a marine grade high-visibility PVC.

Shinn Resurector Wing Review Summary

The highlights are and include:

Shinn Resurector wing has very good low end, great stability, terrific balance and impressive build strength.

Shinn Resurector wing has very notable power delivery. While there’s plenty there, the way the wing delivers power is very smooth.

The Shinn Resurector wing provides an excellent blend of power with terrific balance and  handling, especially overhead or when drifting.

Shinn have a created a serious bit of kit that is capable of taking you from beginner to confident shredder!

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